Sarasota Music Club’s 85th Anniversary Scholarships

Sarasota Music Club’s 85th anniversary was celebrated by presenting $8500 to area arts organizations, $500 to the Booker High School Music Department, and $12,000 in the club’s last independent high school music scholarship program.

In 2014 and 2015, area high school seniors auditioned for Sarasota Music Club music scholarship awards, and all selected winners performed at the annual end-of-season luncheon. Dorothy Whaley organized the auditions and the performances.

Scholarship awards given in those two years totaled $31,000.

In 2016, Sarasota Music Club formed a new partnership with Artist Series Concerts of Sarasota to offer music scholarships to area high school students, and it continues to this date.

85th Anniversary Scholarship Award recipients pictured above (L-R) are: Adriana Fernandez, Zoe Verbil, Jillian Polk, Nick Drivas.